Where the fashion industry is at

The fashion industry is constantly evolving. Season after season new clothing lines are released. New labels emerge and others close. Fads fade out and trends evolve. Now, the fashion industry is in a state of change, but in a different way.

As retailers have cottoned onto the fast fashion business model, the fashion cycle has accelerated exponentially in recent years. Traditional retailers are struggling to keep up, begging the question that something needs to change. It’s time to move on from short-term flings with clothing in favour of sturdy, long-lasting pieces that stand the test of time.

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Implementing slow fashion

Slow fashion is the future. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Unfortunately, the current road to get there is also slow. The temptation of the fast fashion cycle can be all-consuming and without the support of other slow fashion enthusiasts, it’s all too easy to jump back on for the ride.

We’ve spoken about investment shopping, how to tackle the sales and keeping the environment in mind when you make purchase decisions, but what are some quick fixes for sticking with slow fashion when it feels just too impossible?

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The 6 steps to a successful sale season

Good morning bargain hunters! Today we’re going to talk about keeping your cool during sale season.

It’s hard when you’re always passing those massive red signs, that four letter word glaring you in the face, enticing you to buy those bright red sparkly heels. As you envision your perfect Dorothy moment, we understand the difficulty of holding back. We’ve all been there.

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The sweet smell of saving (and sustainability)

Listen out everybody, we’re going to reveal something that is practically unheard of for shoppers. Spending more on individual items will increase your savings.

Yes, we went there. It sounds contradictory right? I bet you’re all shaking your heads right now thinking what are they going on about! But before you go off and close this browser, hear us out for a second.

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Ethical Shopping 101

We’d love to say it was easy for us to jump on the ethical fashion bandwagon from the get go. But to be completely honest, we also struggled! It’s hard to break a habit and completely overhaul your natural shopping instincts.

When we continue to hear about the hidden negative side of the fashion industry, such as the environmental detriment and factory collapses (such as in Bangladesh in 2013), it becomes more impossible to ignore the connection between what we buy and what happens in the garment industry abroad.

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Ethical shopping that doesn’t send you running for the hills

Why is it that we all see ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion as daggy? Whatever you want to call it, there’s no way of getting past the fact that the instant image that comes to your mind when we say ethical clothing is an itchy, brown hessian sack.

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Zady schools us in environmental stats!

The fashion world has been consumed by a system training us to repeatedly purchase increasingly low quality goods, while hiding the incredibly detrimental environmental and social prices of its production.

This is why we felt like we had uncovered a hidden gem when we stumbled upon the conscious fashion company, Zady. Following a desire to understand quality, the company was founded with the devotion to make ‘clothes what they should be: Clothes that fit. Clothes that feel great. Pieces that inspire’.

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Fashion facts that will have you in a frenzy

There is so much information out there about fast fashion, it is almost too hard to digest. We know all too well that the process of turning and entire industry on its head is difficult, we are continually uncovering new information and questioning traditional methods. The thing that we keep coming back to are the cold hard facts! These are what sprung us into action initially so we decided to share the details that hit our core the most to motivate you to make a difference. Now, more than ever, it is time to think twice and change our shopping habits.

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7 Reasons to stop buying cheap clothes

There are many reasons why we’ve all gotten caught up in the fast fashion cycle: it’s cheap, it’s quick and it’s super easy! However, not too many of us are familiar with the negative sides of buying cheap clothes.

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The truth behind fast fashion

Our last blog post focused so much on doing your research to find out the truth behind your clothes, so hopefully you’ve been buried in the books on your way to uncovering the fast fashion industry’s secrets.

We will be the first to admit it. Back when this issue was first brought to our attention, we didn’t know where to start to look for more information. Who was really telling the truth? Who could we trust? What resources were most accurate?

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